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From over 10,000 keywords and search results, there's no doubt that there's a relationship between the number of views and the rank of the video. It's really simple, the more views you have, the higher your video ranks, which results in more natural viewers, which ranks your video even higher (this loop goes on and on and on...)!

With over 5 billions videos watched every day on YouTube, it's common sense for business owners, music artists, vloggers and other entertainment categories to use YouTube to build their audience. However, growing their channel is the hard part. Yes, cheap youtube views , all you had to do is refresh your YouTube video's page to get millions of views. Now, with YouTube algorithms updating every week, it's hard to "bypass" and cheat their system.

This is where we step in. We do offer botted, fake views, which is what every other company is offering. There's no negative consequences and YouTube will never find out. But keep in mind, when you buy fake views, the views tends to drop alot (of course, refills will be given). This is why we recommend you to buy real views, since it has more benefits (increase in ranking, increase in ad revenue) and the views does not drop.

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